Gullsby Handpapermill!

Gullsby Paper Mill - Gullsby Handpappersbruk - is situated in the western part of the county of Wermland, 20 kilometres east of the town of Arvika. At Gullsby, Christer Olsson and Anne-Marie Hedberg are taking good care of the old handicraft traditions and using the same quality craftmanship as they did in the good old days.

Our history

The mill is the oldest in this part of Sweden - built in 1804 - and was awarded the "Beehive" hallmark, the quality standard in those days. Unfortunately it was completely destroyed by fire in 1884 and the present mill is a replica.

Our opening hours

The mill is taking part in two of the area's largest events of the summer; "Gammelvala" and the "Hantverksmässan" (the handicraft fair), but is also open to the public at various times throughout the year, both to customers who want to buy unique and special gifts and to visitors who are interested in watching the production of handmade paper - or even trying to make their own!

The products

The paper is made out of cotton and linen rags, which are transformed into strong and beautiful paper, suitable for stationery, guest books, water colour painting and calligraphy. The books are produced by hand in our own bookbindery and you can choose your own cover, from cloth, marbled paper or even elk leather. We can also help you with old fashioned letterpress printing of visiting cards or similar products.

Every piece of paper is unique and has its own watermark; either the watermark of Gullsby - or the customer's own! It could be a logo, initials or a signature - a very special gift for the person who has everything!

Contact us

Please, do contact us for prices, opening hours and so on!

Gullsby Handpappersbruk
Gullsby, Älvbacken
671 94 Brunskog
Tel +46 (0)570-521 51
Fax +46 (0)570-523 09

Updated 2002-12-11